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UKFHD 42nd Academic Meeting in association with the UK Thalassaemia Society

Thursday 12th May 2016   Find out more and register

Are you completely happy with your thalassaemia services?

Are there things you want to change? It is essential that we in the thalassaemia community take every opportunity to make our voices heard. For example, when UKTS asks about “out of hours” transfusion facilities to make life easier for working people, we are used to being told by NHS managers “There’s no demand for it”. If we are to counter this kind of argument, we need evidence from our members on this and all the other issues which affect people who have thalassaemia. 

Read more and download the survey here. 

Access to New Treatments for Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C Information

Hepatitis C is a viral disease which affects the liver. It can go undetected for years, during which time it can cause significant damage... 

Find out more and about or work with the Hepatitis Coalition here

Hepatitis C Position Paper

Thalassaemia International Federation's final position paper on Viral Hepatitis C in Thalassaemia - 2015.

Download the paper

Gilead Briefing: Access to new treatments for Hepatits C: 

Comment has been rife for many months about the cost of Gilead’s new, curative treatments for hepatitis C and the impact of their introduction on NHS finances. This briefing is intended to provide interested parties with information on this topic and to update on treatment access for patients.
Read the Briefing.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) 

PGD started nearly 25 years ago and thousands of babies have been born worldwide since then. In our centre we have been offering PGD to couples at risk of having children with serious genetic disorders since 1997 and are now in our 17th year of service. Over that time there have been many changes to what is offered and a significant increase in the number of referrals and PGD treatment cycles. Read More

NHS Prescription and other NHS Charges

The National Health Service Act 1946, which set up the NHS, contained a provision that NHS services should be provided free of charge unless that Act expressly provided for a charge.
Over the years amendments to legislation have been made allowing charges for NHS services including prescription, dental and optical charges..... More

Also read about the Prescription charge increase will hit patients say charities read how it affects you.

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Conference And Event's Photos. 

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. 

Until then catch-up with what thals are up to in the rogues gallery.

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Videos 'n Stories

A selection of educational videos for parents, patients and health care professionals. 
Real life stories from carriers, patients and carers who give their account of what sickle cell or thalassaemia means to them.

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