Blood & Transfussion

People can have different blood types, known as blood groups. There are four main blood groups – A, B, AB and O. Each group can then be either RhD positive or negative, so your blood group can be one of eight types.The genes you inherit from your mother and father determine your blood group.

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Iron Chelation

Iron chelation therapy is essential for patients with thalassaemia who are on transfusion programmes and also for those patients with thalassaemia intermedia who have developed iron overload either due to intermittent transfusions in the past or due to increased dietary iron absorption.

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Diet & Exercise

This article concerns the iron present in food and also discusses Antioxidants in food, diet for the prevention of Osteoporosis and Diabetes, Zinc in the diet and diet for children with thalassaemia. In thalassaemia, although most of iron overload is due to blood transfusion, increased absorption of iron from the diet is also important.

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